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Rongqing Dai is a freelance philosopher promoting a new philosophy for this postmodern epoch. He received his PhD in Engineering from McGill University at Montreal Canada in 1994. Since then he has worked in Engineering and IT fields in different industries. However, his biggest passion has always been in philosophical exploration starting from his youth. Since 1998 he has lived in the east coast of the United States and starting from 2006 he has posted hundreds blog articles on various philosophical topics.

Fairness Analyses—List of Chapters

Introduction Prologue Chapter 1: The Meaning of Fairness Chapter 2: Fair Games Chpater 3: Entropy of Fairness Chpater 4: Origins of Denial of Fairness Chapter 5: Fighting against Cheating Chapter 6: Fair Trading Chapter 7: Fair Choice and Social Selection Epilogue Appendix Advertisements

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Fairness Analyses—Prologue

Human civilization has always been governed by various laws in three different layers: the divine law, the natural law, and the social law. For nations with various religious background or even nations without any common religious background, the idea of … Continue reading

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Fairness Analyses—Epilogue

Human civilization is a complicated dynamics under multiple laws and many forces. Obviously this civilization is not simply moving along the axis of time with plain repetition of the past but is evolving along certain naturally and culturally meaningful direction. … Continue reading

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Appendix A. Some basic dynamic complexity of a social system We all know that social problems are extremely complicated because of uncertain human behaviors and intertwined relationships and interests.  But most people might not be well aware of the complexity … Continue reading

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